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Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland


The provincial Grand royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow is responsible for overseeing of 17 Royal Arch Chapters , 4 cryptic council and 6 lodge & councils within the Glasgow Area for over 150 years and has control over 17 Degrees in total. Provincial is made up from members of the organisations within Glasgow

The Provincial Website was setup to help promote the Royal Arch and associated orders within Glasgow and for the members of the province to impove inter communication and visitations and provide information to the wider audience

We welcome all Companions and visitors and hope you find the site informative and you are welcome to attend any of the meetings of the organisations. Membership permitting without prior notice

we have a lot of information for members and non members alike so take your time to look through the site

If you are interested in joining the Royal Arch you can ask the members of your lodge about joining or you can contact one of the chapters on the site they will be happy to assist in you aplication

Membership of the site is by appoval only for security reasons